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The leading company for online video services in Bulgaria

MVM Group is a company for video and postproduction. For just three years we have managed to complete more then 3000 video materials for the websites of the media groups and 3Bay. Millions of users have watched these video materials. Internet viewers gave an especially high mark to our projects Testdrive of and the series of documentaries „From the other side“, broadcast on

Also, we successfully completed the reality project called «2 minutes» of, broadcast simultaneously on and the economical TV station EBF.

In addition to video for internet and advertising videos, we take part in the implementation and distribution of television and internet video reports and broadcasts.


  What is necessary for a good video?

Choosing the right artist is the key to success. Before you make a decision you should review the portfolio of the companies for video production. Pay attention to the professional experience of the leading persons in the team – director, scriptwriter and cameraman. Then you make your choice, in order to be sure that you are not wasting time and money.

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In brief, the answer to this question depends on four main elements:

  • Clear and intriguing message
  • An original idea to suggest the message
  • A perfect performance
  • Selection of appropriate websites for your advertising campaign
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Internet video takes a leading position in promotional strategies of innovative companies. This is because internet video is:

  • fast and easy way to absorb information

Internet users look for precise and easy to absorb information. Videos satisfy precisely these requirements, as it influences both auditory and visual sensors.

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One of the most frequently asked questions is related to the price of a video and that is something quite natural. The truth is that there cannot be a universal answer. We will try, however, to be useful by listing the main factors that are considered in pricing the product:

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Why internet video?

Why internet video? Internet video enables you to reach the maximum number of users interested in you, regardless of time and space. This is one of the major advantages of the new mighty media, which selects its users tightly according to their interests. Hence the possibility for your online viewers to become real users. ... more »

The advertising video – a mighty tool for impact

The advertising video – a mighty tool for impact We live in a world of visual display, where people are used to being entertained and informed, and the requirements for the quality of the material shot are growing higher and higher. The viewers are bombarded with hundreds of advertising offers every single day. ... more »